We are the next generation

We are a vibrant committee under the Wichita Area Builders Association, dedicated to forging paths for young professionals in the housing, remodeling, and light construction industries. At NextGen, we believe in the power of connection, collaboration, and professional growth. Whether you are just starting your career or looking to expand your horizons, NextGen is the perfect platform to launch your journey. Join us in shaping the future of our industry!

Empowering the voices and visions of tomorrow, we are the next generation – a dynamic force shaping the future of the housing and construction industry.


To empower the next generation of industry leaders through networking, mentorship, and professional development opportunities. We strive to create an environment where young talents can collaborate, share ideas, and grow together, contributing to the legacy of excellence set by the Wichita Area Builders Association.


To build a robust community of young professionals who are equipped to lead and innovate in the housing and construction sectors.

Be Part of Something Bigger

Are you ready to make your mark in the housing and construction industry? NextGen is calling on enthusiastic, forward-thinking young professionals to join our dynamic community. This is your chance to network with industry leaders, gain invaluable experience, and make lasting contributions. Don’t just watch the future unfold – be a part of creating it! Get involved with NextGen today.

Invest in Your Future

At NextGen, we understand the challenges of stepping into a professional world that is constantly evolving. Our mission is not just about connecting people; it’s about building a platform where the next generation of industry leaders can grow, learn, and lead. The best part? There are currently no membership dues. This is your opportunity to invest in your future without financial constraints.

Active Engagement – The Key to Our Success

We recognize that getting involved can be challenging, especially when the benefits aren’t immediately clear. Here at NextGen, we’re committed to changing that perception by actively demonstrating the value of our group. Our focus is on creating tangible benefits for our members, including:

Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers and industry leaders, opening doors to mentorship, partnerships, and collaborations.
Professional Development: Through workshops, seminars, and discussion forums, we provide the tools and knowledge necessary to advance in your career.
Leadership Experience: Take on roles within NextGen that build your leadership skills and contribute to meaningful projects.
Community Impact: Engage in initiatives that make a difference in the industry and our community, enhancing the reputation and influence of our members.
Visibility and Recognition: Get noticed in your field through showcases, interviews, and spotlights on our platforms.

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Insights from Industry Leaders

Discover the stories, challenges, and successes of industry veterans through our exclusive interview series. These insightful sessions provide a unique perspective on the construction and housing industry, offering guidance, inspiration, and wisdom to fuel your professional journey. Watch, learn, and be inspired to carve your own path.

Series, Becky Gilbert

In this insightful episode of our NextGen series, we sit down with Becky Gilbert, an independent insurance broker from The Insurance Guys, who shares her experiences with networking and building relationships through the Wichita Builders Association (WBA). Discover how Becky leverages her WBA membership to not only grow her business but also cultivate meaningful connections within the industry. Join us as we explore the value of community and collaboration in the world of insurance and construction. Don’t forget to leave your comments, feedback, or if you’re interested in sharing your story like Becky, reach out to us for a chance to be featured!

Series, with Tyler and Christian

Welcome to the first episode of the NextGen Series! Join hosts Christian and Tyler as they embark on an exciting journey to explore the future of the industry. In this candid kick-off, they share their personal motivations for joining the NextGen committee and the Wichita Builders Association, their visions for innovation, and their commitment to community growth. This series promises to be a platform for the next generation of leaders to voice their ideas, learn from each other, and make a lasting impact. We’re calling on all industry enthusiasts to contribute your thoughts, ideas, and expertise. Let’s build a great community together. Tune in, get involved, and let’s shape the future!

NextGen Series Introduction

Welcome to the NextGen Series! Hosted by Tyler and Christian, this brand-new video series dives deep into the heart of Wichita’s residential construction industry. Join us as we sit down with the visionary builders shaping our homes and communities, brought to you in partnership with the Wichita Area Builders Association’s Next Gen committee. Discover the stories, insights, and innovations driving excellence in residential construction and meet the future leaders making it all happen. Whether you’re a homeowner, home dreamer, or just curious about construction, this series is tailor-made for you. Don’t miss out on this journey through the passion, dedication, and vision that build Wichita’s neighborhoods. Stay tuned for an exciting exploration into what makes our community truly special.